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Seemingly in constant trouble at school, 14 year-old Antoine Doinel retus at the end of every day to a drab and unhappy home life. His parents have little money and he sleeps on a couch that's been pushed into the kitchen. He knows his mother is having an affair and his parents bicker constantly. He decides to skip school and begins a downward spiral of lies and later stealing. His parents are at their wits end and after he's stopped by the police, they decide the best thing to do would be to let Antoine face the consequences. He's sent to a juvenile detention facility where he doesn't do much better. He does manage to escape however... >Les quatre cents coups / Les quatre cents coups / Tas-ix , Les quatre cents coups / ONLINE TARZDA TAS-IXDA KO'RISH Les quatre cents coups / - Tas-ix Tas ix


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